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Are you managing compliance as a black box?
June 19, 2023
Are you managing compliance as a black box?
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Carol Lemos19/06/23 10:33

Are you managing compliance as a black box?

According to Wikipedia, “in science, computing, and engineering, a black box is a system ...
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Emma Skinner04/05/23 09:18

Women in ESG Compliance: Considerations for a thriving ESG Compliance strategy

Spring is in full swing according to the astronomical calendar, and even though it may ...
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Emma Skinner19/04/23 09:51

A glimpse into the future: ESG Compliance

The word ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) has been around for some time, and ...
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Sarah Beckman27/03/23 14:07

Closing the gap: Clausematch women make up 38% of the company, exceeding global trends

The technology industry has a well-known reputation for embracing a ‘bro-like culture,’ ...
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Amanda Brief14/03/23 18:29

The True Cost of Non-Compliance: Lessons Learned from Personal Liability Cases

In the wake of new C-suite accountability charges sweeping the United States and EMEA, we ...
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Anna Antimiichuk24/02/23 20:08

Albert Patrashku, Head of Design at Clausematch, discusses his experience

Albert Patrashku is the Head of Design at Clausematch. We recently sat down with Albert ...
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Amanda Brief30/01/23 20:54

Sarah Beckman, Public Relations Executive, discusses her experience at Clausematch

Sarah Beckman is the Public Relations Executive for Clausematch in North America. We ...
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Michael Rasmussen25/01/23 19:23

Measuring the Cost of Non-Compliance

Integrity is everything to an organization. If I could rebrand the Chief Ethics and ...
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Carol Lemos11/01/23 10:31

Bribery and corruption: is your organisation ready to prevent it?

While KYC and AML have been front of mind when it comes to compliance and the fight ...
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