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Anna Antimiichuk6/8/23 8:00 AM

Compliance Consultant partners with Clausematch

Clausematch is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Compliance Consultant, experts in FCA compliance and authorisation. The partnership is aimed at strengthening current compliance strategies and best practices with advanced policy management and compliance automation solutions. 

Compliance Consultant provides regulatory compliance guidance primarily for financial services companies, but with a foot in the telecommunications industry. The majority of businesses in these sectors frequently purchase SaaS products that are expensive, challenging to use, or fail to address the underlying issue because they lack the essential competencies to select such software. Compliance Consultant is positioned in such a way to offer non-exclusive and best suitable recommendations to the clients when it comes to the use of technology within Compliance. Evenmoreso, as the company often engages with high-growth companies that expand geographically, operating in different jurisdictions. 

"Strategic partners are essential for any organisation today and there's definitely a trend towards using more technology. Before looking to build the network, I was looking inside to what we do, and then finding people that can help us achieve that. At Compliance Consultant, we're aware of the increasingly high importance of good governance, the adoption of best practices, technology and providing coherent strategies for our clients in the complicated and ever-changing world of financial regulation. We do a lot to enhance our clients' governance, enhance their operations to process redesign, if necessary.  

And when it comes to financial regulatory compliance, you don’t simply need to be right - you have to record it in the right way. Clausematch's platform capabilities such as the real-time collaborative editor, the compliance audit trail allow you to precisely evidence every beat of compliance in front of the regulators.  We see that more and more sensible companies are looking towards technology to assist them in doing their job because the compliance burden is increasing. Making compliance work for the businesses, by saving them fines and regulatory supervision and helping them sleep at night is our goal," - Lee Werrell, founder and owner of the Compliance Consultant commented.

Claudia Coutinho-De Somma, EMEA Account Executive at Clausematch, says: "We're delighted to be collaborating with Compliance Consultant. We understand that at Clausematch we can provide the right tooling to alleviate the pain generally related to document management within a regulated firm, so we’re glad to have the staff at Compliance Consultant see and support the value we can offer, and make the right recommendations to their clients."

The need for high-quality software for policy management and regulatory compliance is growing. With the FCA Consumer Duty on the horizon, MiCA coming in force in July 2023 and other crypto regulations looming, keeping up with regulatory obligations is becoming more and more challenging. 

Clausematch has a proven track record as a RegTech global leader. It was selected as a part of several incubators and programmes, including FinTech Innovation Lab London and New York, Lloyd’s Lab, LawTechUK Sandbox Pilot, and the Barclays Accelerator Program, to name a few. Being involved in these programs allowed the Clausematch team to share its solution with industry experts, hearing their feedback and understanding how best to adapt the platform to targeted companies’ needs. The partnership with Compliance Consultant will allow Clausematch to bring its SaaS compliance products to highly-regulated companies.


Anna Antimiichuk

Global Head of Communications, Clausematch