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Anna Antimiichuk7/25/23 9:00 AM

Clausematch partners with RiskInk risk management consultancy to complement one another's offerings

Clausematch, an award-winning technology company developing solutions for regulatory compliance and now a part of the Corlytics Group, has signed partnership agreement with RiskInk, a boutique risk management consultancy with unrivalled expertise in policy drafting. 

With clients including HSBC, Mizuho, SMBC, Bank of the Sierra, Amherst Pierpoint (Santander), RiskInk is recognised as a leader in policy creation and development, providing documents that can withstand scrutiny from board members, executive teams, employees, clients, and regulators. RiskInk backs up this current thought leadership with publications in GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals), PRMIA (Professional Risk Management International Association) and the RMA (the Risk Management Association).

This synergistic partnership will complement Clausematch's platform, which is at the centre of policy management, enabling businesses to collaborate, create, manage, and review various compliance documents in real time, with a full audit trail and real-time insights. By forming an introducer partnership, both Clausematch and RiskInk will be able to benefit from the customer referrals of one another, highlighting the expertise and technology where applicable.

John Thackeray, Founder at RiskInk, says: "You can't underestimate what good policies mean for a business. They are the window into the corporate governance of the company. If policy and procedures are not documented then the implication is that the underlying task and controls do not exist. On a regular basis, I'm contacted by companies that neglected the importance of policy creation and maintenance. Moreover having policies that don't work, that aren't followed can be worse than having no policies at all. RiskInk completes this remediation quickly and at a high standard, much like a surgical strike."

Claudia Coutinho de Somma, Account manager at Clausematch, commented: "We're delighted to start our collaboration with RiskInk. Good policy writing is what sits at the core of compliance and policy management. The audience should be made fully aware of the purpose of the policy, who it affects, its principal terms and conditions, the situations in which it applies, and how it should be properly carried out. At the same time, as a result of constant regulatory change and multiple internal factors, policies and procedures also frequently go through considerable revisions. The use of technology here is crucial. This partnership is  an excellent opportunity to empower customers with professional solutions to these challenges."

"Absolutely thrilled by the opportunity to partner with a recognized leader in policy management automation. As opposed to Clausematch, who work throughout regulated industries, at RiskInk, we have been focusing on the low-hanging fruit by dealing with financial services. This partnership presents us with fresh chances for growth and development in other industries, applying the same techniques and consistent standards of policy and procedure writing," Thackeray added. 


Anna Antimiichuk

Global Head of Communications, Clausematch