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Anna Antimiichuk10/16/23 10:15 AM

Braithwate partners with Corlytics' Clausematch to provide out-of-the-box solutions for MiCA authorisation and compliance

Braithwate, a specialist regulatory consultancy working with regulated financial services has partnered with Clausematch, a Corlytics solution, to combine cutting-edge compliance technology with Braithwate subject matter expertise and content in addressing the challenge of managing compliance with MiCA framework and crypto regulations. 

Braithwate provides policy and procedure content to help crypto-asset firms get authorised and comply with MiCA’s requirements, while the Clausematch platform will cover the technology side. This partnership agreement will deliver timely support to crypto native and TradFi firms needing to comply with the new crypto regulation. 

James Nicholls, Managing Director at Braithwate says: “MiCA represents a turning point in the evolution of regulation for crypto-assets: firms who operate, or seek to operate, in the European Union now have a clear set of rules detailing the authorisation process and ongoing compliance obligations. As with most EU regulations, the bar has been set high and we expect many firms will find the new governance, policy and documentation requirements to be challenging - this is why we’ve partnered with Corlytics for the Clausematch solution to offer an out-of-the-box (OOTB) solution to accelerate our clients’ authorisation as crypto-asset service providers.”

Anna Nicolis, Senior Manager at Braithwate says: "Our collaboration with Corlytics utilising Clausematch solution is a testament to our dedication to providing innovative and tailored solutions to our clients. I am excited to leverage their cutting-edge technology offering policy standardisation, enhanced audit trails, and regulatory traceability specific to MiCA. This will help our clients manage the new wave of crypto-regulation with an intuitive and robust workflow." 

Evgeny Likhoded, President at Corlytics, says: "We have always valued our partners that have deep domain expertise and can provide their service bundled with technology. Our partnership with Braithwate is a big step forward in our mission to empower organisations to implement and maintain the highest governance and compliance standards, which are essential for crypto business landscape."

Freddie Frith, VP, Global Head of Sales of the Clausematch platform, comments: "We are thrilled to initiate our partnership with Braithwate, which brings forth numerous opportunities in providing a blend of best-in-class technology and regulatory consultancy services. Our collaboration will begin by offering solutions that cater to specific regulations which have a high impact on certain industries to maintain compliance and operate safely, firstly focusing on MiCA — the latest crypto regulation in the EU. Our OOTB solution encompasses MiCA-related regulations, policies, and procedures, supported by templates and pre-mapped structures to evidence meeting specified obligations. This powerful combination empowers companies to maintain a competitive edge in this dynamic sector."

With the recent regulatory disputes involving Binance and Coinbase, and increasing worldwide rules regarding cryptocurrencies this collaboration appears very timely. In order to stay up-to-date with MiCA's developments, as it will shape how their organisations operate within the EU's crypto landscape, Corlytics will provide access to dynamically updated regulatory feeds to manage the changes across the platform.

To recall, in July 2023, Corlytics announced the strategic acquisition of Clausematch. Combining Clausematch's cutting-edge capability of creating, maintaining and mapping intelligent regulatory documents and policies with Corlytics’ proven intelligent regulations and regulatory data marks a breakthrough for the RegTech industry. 


Anna Antimiichuk

Global Head of Communications, Clausematch