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Anna Antimiichuk
Amanda Brief30/11/21 00:00

Anna Antimiichuk, Head of Communications, discusses her experience at Clausematch

Anna headshotAnna Antimiichuk is the Head of Communications at Clausematch. We recently sat down with Anna to learn more about her role at Clausematch.

What is your role at Clausematch and what does it entail?

At Clausematch, my role is centered around all corporate brand communications globally. As a Director of Global Communications, my job is to create and execute a multi-channel strategy and build up brand awareness using PR tools. My team and I manage company news and media relations, work with industry speakers, create expert and curated content, write reports, set up press events, go after listings, awards, competitions, and labs, driving any specific and targeted communication through a mix of earned and own channels to gain brand recognition and communicate our values, facts, and opinion to the audience.

What were you doing before joining the Clausematch team? 

Before joining Clausematch, I was involved in setting up a business of my own with a friend. Prior to that, I worked in a number of communications, marketing, and business development roles at tech companies focused on digital terrestrial and satellite TV equipment, nanotechnology, and transport telematics. I also worked at a well-known international communications agency. At the very beginning of my career, I started as a TV journalist and was teaching media science at a university. I defended a PhD thesis, and that brought me to London for the first time to study Business Strategy and Planning.

Why did you decide to join Clausematch?  

For me, the decision to join Clausematch was not based on the industry. Although my background was in tech and innovation, I was not specifically searching for a job in FinTech, LegalTech or RegTech. Nevertheless, the opportunity sounded very interesting, and was one worth taking. Joining the company at the very start, it felt like I was going to be involved in promoting life-changing developments. I knew that the road would be challenging yet successful. And it has been amazing to see the company develop from around 10 people back in 2016 to a high-growth business with offices in three continents and a team of highly-talented people. Also, for me, it's about making an impact. On some days when I feel overwhelmed I think, "Wow, look, how much has been achieved and how things are moving." This is very rewarding and something you don’t always experience when working for corporates.

What project/s are you most proud of?

Five years in, there have been many great projects, but some of them definitely stand out more than others. For example, getting our first press campaign with our first client Barclays signed off after several months, and then, after 4.5 years, publicly releasing the story of growth together, in actual collaboration with Barclays. I also remember working on the strategic coverage for our funding rounds in the top-tier business press, overcoming all the obstacles, and achieving results. On the day of the interview with Forbes, our founder was feeling under the weather. I came to his house with a bag full of medicine, the correct remedy, and we actually made it! Then, there are the prestigious industry rankings and awards – these have also been a highlight. It's rewarding when you hear that our name is known in the industry. Recently, we released the first 'Voice of RegTech' report based on the year-long survey conducted in collaboration with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It was a valuable experience, and we received some really positive feedback from the report.

What has been one of your most memorable moments at Clausematch?

It is difficult to highlight just one memorable moment. Perhaps, coming second in the charity Volleyball tournament, although the team had so little practice. Our annual retreats have been a lot of fun, especially before Covid-19 when we could easily gather the whole team in various places around the globe. Clausematch has always been a company full of fun, enjoyable events. Also, I can’t forget the moment when we decided to buy out a piano for our office. There have indeed been a lot of memorable moments.

What advice would you give to a future Clausematch employee?

'Seize the moment.’ The company is developing so quickly – one year at Clausematch equals three years in other companies (based on my experience). Get on the rollercoaster and enjoy it. However, sometimes you need to sit back, relax, and just take some time out. This will help you to avoid burnout. I see Clausematch as human-centric and flexible, so I'd encourage new joiners to be proactive in finding the best role for their talents and the best activities for their personal and professional growth (‘More Happi’ coaching sessions have been useful for this).

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love music including classical, jazz, and modern. I've been playing piano since early years, and sometimes you can find me improvising or playing classical pieces. Once in a while I take part in competitions, festivals, and concerts. Outside of music, I enjoy water sports such as canoeing. I also enjoy traveling - My favorite places to go are all in Italy, and I hope that all the restrictions are lifted soon!


Amanda Brief

Marketing Director Clausematch