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Amanda Brief

Marketing Director Clausematch

Blog Post by Amanda Brief

Amanda Brief14/03/23 18:29

The True Cost of Non-Compliance: Lessons Learned from Personal Liability Cases

In the wake of new C-suite accountability charges sweeping the United States and EMEA, we ...
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Amanda Brief30/01/23 20:54

Sarah Beckman, Public Relations Executive, discusses her experience at Clausematch

Sarah Beckman is the Public Relations Executive for Clausematch in North America. We ...
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Amanda Brief30/11/22 18:20

The True Cost of Non-Compliance in the US: Lessons Learned from Chief Compliance Officers in 2022

We’ve highlighted the top personal liability stories from this year and provided tips for ...
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Amanda Brief04/11/22 18:35

Emma Skinner, Marketing Executive, discusses her experience at Clausematch

Emma Skinner is the Marketing Executive at Clausematch. We recently sat down with Emma to ...
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Amanda Brief29/09/22 00:00

10 years helping regulated industries do the right thing

It’s crazy to think that Clausematch is already celebrating its 10th Anniversary! In this ...
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Amanda Brief27/09/22 00:00

Alex Belyaev, VP of Engineering, discusses his experience at Clausematch

Alex Belyaev is the VP of Engineering at Clausematch. We recently sat down with Alex to ...
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Amanda Brief26/08/22 00:00

3 Best Practices on How to Implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

In the wake of Bank of America preparing to receive an enforcement action, US regulators ...
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Amanda Brief02/08/22 00:00

Career Journey Series: Emma Kempton

At Clausematch, we empower people to develop their careers within the organization. We ...
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Amanda Brief02/08/22 00:00

5 Compliance Challenges FinTechs Face Today

In our recent Women in Compliance fireside chat, leading global compliance experts came ...
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