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Get in touch with us via press@clausematch.com if you’d like to request information or schedule an interview.

Sarah Beckman12/29/22 2:33 PM

Pathmonk Presents Podcast

Clausematch COO Danny Gal discusses how to reach customers in a creative and constructive ...
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Admin12/29/22 11:35 AM

Lessons Learned From 2022 And Technology Predictions For 2023

Clausematch CEO Evgeny Likhoded reflects on major trends and lessons from 2022 and where ...
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Anna Antimiichuk12/15/22 12:15 AM

EY FinTech Beyond Borders Podcast

Clausematch's Eugenie Casier joins hosts Louise Pacaud and Daniel Molis to discuss how ...
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Sarah Beckman12/7/22 2:06 PM

A third year in a row Clausematch makes the RegTech100 list

Among prestigious regtechs from around the world, Clausematch was named to Fintech ...
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Sarah Beckman12/6/22 11:39 AM

Fintech Trends in 2022 With Plaid, OCR Labs, Savana and Clausematch

Fintech CEO's and leaders from across the globe share their thoughts on this year's major ...
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Anna Antimiichuk11/30/22 2:42 PM

The Connector Podcast with Danny Gal

Host Koen Vanderhoydonk chats with Clausematch COO Danny Gal about the company, its ...
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Sarah Beckman11/24/22 12:00 AM

The crash and burn of FTX: What lessons does it teach us?

As FTX victims and creditors sift through the pieces, Clausematch GRC Director Eugenie ...
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Sarah Beckman11/2/22 11:55 AM

Why communication has critical importance In compliance

Compliance and effective policy management are becoming a matter of competitive advantage ...
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Sarah Beckman10/31/22 1:30 PM

Clausematch tops Business Cloud's RegTech50 list

Clausematch earned the most audience votes and support from Business Cloud judges to top ...
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Sarah Beckman10/22/22 11:59 AM

Investing in compliance technology no matter the size of your business

Clausematch Account Executive Claudia Coutinho-De Somma shares that no matter the ...
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Learn more about our experts

Our team is composed of experts across different domains. Check their profiles below.

Evgeny Likhoded_000

Evgeny Likhoded
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Clausematch, President at Corlytics

Having worked in the legal & compliance profession in financial services and energy, Evgeny sought to improve the current ways of how companies can understand and meet their compliance obligations and ensure that compliance is embedded into their business.

Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 08.38.10

Anna Antimiichuk
Global Head of Communications and Product Marketing

Anna previously worked for various B2B tech businesses and has 7+ years of experience in PR and product marketing specifically in FinTech and RegTech, within compliance & risk.  Anna has spoken at industry conferences, webinars and podcasts for organizations, including Innovate Finance. She's on the Innovate Finance Women in FinTech Powerlist and holds a PhD degree in Political Science. 

Eugenie Casier_000

Eugenie Casier
Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Eugenie has extensive experience in compliance, bringing FCA-regulated firms into the European market. She is a Money 20/20 RiseUp alumni and is a frequent speaker at various industry events focusing on regulation and compliance challenges.   

Emma Kempton
Global Head of Customer Success
Working with clients every step of their journey with Clausematch, Emma serves as the first point of contact at Clausematch to help businesses reach their technological goals. Prior to joining Clausematch, Emma worked at Thomson Reuters as Manager of Client Loyalty for EMEA.
Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 09.26.32

Vladimir Ershov
Head of Data Science and Machine Learning
Vladimir is a seasoned professional with more than 12 years of IT and data science experience. Before joining Clausematch as the Data Science and Machine Learning Lead, Vladimir worked in California for organisations like Apple and Grid Dynamics. He currently oversees all DSML projects in the company working on internal and external POCs that are actively developing new AI features for clients, including global banks and regulators.
Freddie Frith_000

Freddie Frith
Head of EMEA and
APAC Sales
He has extensive experience working in sales, serving on Clausematch’s commercial team for three years. Freddie has had great success with insurance and other industries and has engaged in numerous speaking engagements. Prior to Clausematch, Freddie worked at Silverfin, L’Oreal, and Ogilvy. 

Chad Schaefer
Head of Professional Services
Chad has 20+ years of direct software implementation experience working for several companies in the GRC/IRM space across financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries.
Yan Schtefanets_000

Yan Schtefanets
Vice President
of Product
Yan began at Clausematch in 2016 as the company was navigating the first few years of business. He has helped develop the platform and deliver its quality assurance goals, both on the front-end and back-end. Now, Yan leads a team of product managers and developers as they continue to tweak and build new iterations of Clausematch.

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