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Anna Antimiichuk10/12/22 6:28 PM

First Central partners with Clausematch to streamline policy management processes

First Central Insurance and Technology Group, ​​a fast-growing private motor insurer and innovator in data, announced that it has embarked on Clausematch's compliance management platform to streamline its drafting, review and approval processes.  

“We have been impressed by the Clausematch team throughout our interactions with them. They have been extremely helpful, engaging and thorough in understanding our business so they can best support us in our goals. The system itself is flexible and has been easily configurable to our needs, and through the implementation we have learned how to ensure it is future-proofed for the continued growth in scale and complexity of our business.” – Ben Lowing, Risk & Compliance Director commented. 

The First Central team highlighted the growing need to adopt its policy management system to a platform that would mitigate the risk of error as the company scaled and matured. Clausematch has allowed First Central to streamline its policy drafting, reviewing, and approval processes in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

“Our goal was to offer a solution for First Central that eliminated the burden of manually managing its compliance obligations. With a single platform, it is now possible in a few clicks to run the end-to-end lifecycle of policies so that they can easily be drafted, reviewed, approved, and finalized. Clausematch makes all of that instantly available in an easy-to-use repository for colleagues to access and attest to.” – Freddie Frith, Clausematch Head of Sales remarked. 


Anna Antimiichuk

Global Head of Communications, Clausematch