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Connecting chains
Sarah Beckman2/28/23 5:00 AM

Clausematch partners with The Connector to expand reach of compliance solution

Clausematch, a technology company developing solutions for regulatory compliance, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with The Connector, a technology commercial firm with an unconventional approach to assisting companies looking to scale-up their client base, as well as financial services companies looking for a trustworthy third-party solution.

According to a recent survey of IT and security professionals, organizations worldwide are using about 110 SaaS applications in their business. However, most companies do not have core competency in buying such software, and often, purchase SaaS products that are overpriced, difficult to use, or fail to solve the root problem. 

The Connector, led by RegTech influencer Koen Vanderhoydonk, has a proven track record of strong relationships and an extensive international network in the financial services industry. Vanderhoydonk also has significant reach in the Benelux Union, which will prove advantageous to Clausematch. With Clausematch and The Connector working together, companies looking for a reputable third-party solution to help manage their compliance obligations will benefit from a win-win combination of technological expertise and top-tier solutions and practices.

“We’re thrilled to be working with The Connector as they have tons of shared knowledge and experience in FinTech, Banking and Investment Management, and a deep network across the BENELUX and beyond to introduce Clausematch where they see a solutions gap. With the team’s prior knowledge of Clausematch and their championing of the platform, this was a partnership waiting to happen,” said Claudia Coutinho-De Somma, EMEA Account Executive at Clausematch.

The Connector employs three criteria when choosing third-party solutions, like Clausematch, to bring to its connections: a proven solution, proven benefits to customers, and proven steadiness and promise of a future in the industry. According to Koen Vanderhoydonk, CEO of The Connector, Clausematch exemplifies all three criteria.

“Currently, the RegTech market is fragmented, with different maturity levels attempting to serve multiple regulatory needs across multiple jurisdictions. The partnership between companies like Clausematch and The Connector helps bring the maturity of the RegTech industry to the next level. It also further grows the awareness and adoption of RegTech solutions in the financial services industry, especially by companies looking to scale up operations,” said Vanderhoydonk.

Clausematch has a proven track record as a RegTech global leader. It was selected as a part of several incubators and programs, including FinTech Innovation Lab London and New Work, Lloyd’s Lab, LawTechUK Sandbox Pilot, and the Barclays Accelerator Program, to name a few. Being involved in these programs allowed the Clausematch team to share its solution with industry experts, hearing their feedback and understanding how best to adapt the platform to targeted companies’ needs. The partnership with The Connector ties into Clausematch’s mission to bring a SaaS compliance product to highly-regulated companies.



Sarah Beckman

Public Relations Executive - North America