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Show your compliance team love award
Admin3/15/22 9:23 AM

Netflix and Griffin Voted Winners in Clausematch’s ‘Show Your Compliance Team Love’ award

Clausematch today announced the winners of the inaugural ‘Show Your Compliance Team Love’ award. The winners were selected both from the EMEA and the North American regions.


●     Mosi Platt, Senior Security Partner for GRC and assurance at Netflix (US)

●     Anna O'Shaughnessy, CCO, CRO and MLRO at Griffin (UK)

 The winners received the majority of the votes from the judging panel, which included independent experts, who have experience and insight into the compliance function. The two sectors chosen in the winners category highlight the wide-ranging reach of compliance. Amidst an unprecedented period of uncertainty, a growing number of regulatory obligations for FinTech companies and the increasing demands for cybersecurity for broadcasting and streaming companies, a real challenge has been posed for these industries to stay competitive while ensuring compliance.

 Runners up:

●     Rose Chapman, Compliance and AML Program Manager, Principal Tutor at BVI Financial Services Institute (British Virgin Islands)

●     Funmi Dele-Giwa, Director, General Counsel & Head, GRC at MFS Africa (UK)

 "I’m honoured to be chosen as one of the Most Loved Compliance Professionals of 2022. Often compliance is viewed as a blocker, rather than a key part of running a business well. At Griffin, we see compliance with the letter and spirit of regulations as mission-critical. Our compliance-by-design approach makes sure that compliance is embedded in our platform, our culture and indeed everything we do. Fast-paced innovation in banking and finance means that regulations won't always keep pace with new business and operating models. That’s why a strong compliance team is so important; so that in absence of specific regulation or guidance, we can still do what is right, deliver great outcomes to our customers, and have a positive impact on society. I’m grateful and humbled by this recognition, both of my own work and the importance of compliance more broadly," - Anna O’Shaughnessy, CCO at Griffin and the EMEA winner, said.

Mosi Platt Senior Security Partner for GRC and assurance at Netflix, added: "I'm bad at receiving compliments & recognition and usually deflect by giving credit to others. This time will be no different. I was completely surprised to learn that I won the Most Loved Compliance Professional Award from Clausematch! It would not have been possible to get the nomination for work with Raj Krishnamurthy on the Cloud Security Alliance Continuous Audit Metrics working group without the stunning colleagues on my team at Netflix enabling and encouraging that work. So shoutouts to the Security & Technology Assurance & Risk team: Charles Nwatu, Ranjith Arakkal, Anne Loomis, Prashanthi Koutha, Tony Martin-Vegue, Diana Volere - CISSP, CCSP; Nagesh Gummadivalli, CoDi Stenson, MBA, MA; Monique HEAD, CISM, PmP, SSAP; and Lisa Young, (She-Her) CISA, CISM, CISSP. "

Rose Chapman, Compliance and AML Program Manager, Principal Tutor at BVI Financial Services Institute, commented: “Simply delighted to win this award, in Compliance the Team is everything!  Also, I’d like to applaud this timely initiative. Compliance professionals are often not appreciated enough for what they do for their companies. In these challenging times, their role has become purely vital and the work they carry out requires more effort and skill to accomplish. They definitely benefit from more support and updating their qualifications to better manage these days. Such actions help them to spread understanding of their role and enable appreciation of their input.“

The competition was running for the whole month of February and was inspired by St. Valentine’s Day. Close to 50 applications were received from 12 countries. Financial Services, FinTech companies, insurance companies, consultancies, and education firms all nominated their compliance colleagues. Self-nominations were also accepted. Given there are quite a few awards specialising on compliance professionals (such as ICA Compliance Awards, Compliance Week’s Excellence in Compliance Award), the intention of this newly launched activity is to make sure that people who went above and beyond their job description to make a difference in the past 12 months get the recognition they deserve.

Winners receive a trophy as well as a donation to their charity of choice. The charities chosen included Community MovementBuilders and The UN Refugee Agency.

Find out more here.