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Sarah Beckman

Public Relations Executive - North America

Blog Post by Sarah Beckman

Sarah Beckman12/15/22 7:00 AM

2022: Year in Review

2022 has been a year of celebration and success at Clausematch. The year marked 10 years ...
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Sarah Beckman12/7/22 2:06 PM

A third year in a row Clausematch makes the RegTech100 list

Among prestigious regtechs from around the world, Clausematch was named to Fintech ...
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Sarah Beckman12/6/22 11:39 AM

Fintech Trends in 2022 With Plaid, OCR Labs, Savana and Clausematch

Fintech CEO's and leaders from across the globe share their thoughts on this year's major ...
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Sarah Beckman11/24/22 12:00 AM

The crash and burn of FTX: What lessons does it teach us?

As FTX victims and creditors sift through the pieces, Clausematch GRC Director Eugenie ...
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Sarah Beckman11/21/22 7:03 PM

First FinTech member Clausematch rejoins the Investment Association

Recognizing the steady expansion and growth of the investment management industry, ...
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Sarah Beckman11/2/22 11:55 AM

Why communication has critical importance In compliance

Compliance and effective policy management are becoming a matter of competitive advantage ...
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Sarah Beckman10/31/22 1:30 PM

Clausematch tops Business Cloud's RegTech50 list

Clausematch earned the most audience votes and support from Business Cloud judges to top ...
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Sarah Beckman10/22/22 11:59 AM

Investing in compliance technology no matter the size of your business

Clausematch Account Executive Claudia Coutinho-De Somma shares that no matter the ...
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Sarah Beckman10/18/22 1:00 AM

Clausematch, Griffin awarded RegTech Neochallenger Bank Award

Clausematch's work with Griffin was recognized by judges as a regtech advancement in the ...
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Sarah Beckman10/17/22 6:43 PM

ZEDRA adopts Clausematch as part of its digital transformation

ZEDRA, an international provider of corporate and global expansion, active wealth, ...
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