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Anna Antimiichuk

Global Head of Communications, Clausematch

Blog Post by Anna Antimiichuk

Anna Antimiichuk3/10/23 12:15 PM

Coffee with Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance COO sits down with Clausematch GRC Director Eugenie Casier to talk about ...
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Anna Antimiichuk2/8/23 12:32 PM

Mastering the Art of Sales

As part of a 6-part series, Clausematch Head of Sales Freddie Frith shared with ...
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Anna Antimiichuk2/7/23 2:15 PM

Following the Rules

Clausematch’s Evgeny Likoded and LawtechUK’s Aleksandra Wawrzyszczuk discuss the ...
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Anna Antimiichuk2/1/23 5:00 AM

Clausematch releases Knowledge Graph to drive digitization of regulation

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Anna Antimiichuk12/15/22 12:15 AM

EY FinTech Beyond Borders Podcast

Clausematch's Eugenie Casier joins hosts Louise Pacaud and Daniel Molis to discuss how ...
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Anna Antimiichuk12/7/22 7:06 PM

Clausematch named among heavy hitters on RegTech100 2023 list

For the third time in four years, Clausematch has been selected for the annual RegTech100 ...
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Anna Antimiichuk12/5/22 3:13 PM

Clausematch announces partnering with Arbuthnot Latham to digitize the policy and compliance framework

Clausematch, a technology company developing solutions for regulatory compliance is ...
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Anna Antimiichuk11/30/22 2:42 PM

The Connector Podcast with Danny Gal

Host Koen Vanderhoydonk chats with Clausematch COO Danny Gal about the company, its ...
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Anna Antimiichuk11/7/22 6:52 PM

RegTech tends to show an opposite trend in the economic recession compared to other SaaS sectors

Leaders from Flashpoint VC, Lytical Ventures, the Sony Innovation Fund, and Talis Capital ...
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Anna Antimiichuk10/12/22 6:28 PM

First Central partners with Clausematch to streamline policy management processes

First Central Insurance and Technology Group, a fast-growing private motor insurer and ...
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