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Amanda Brief02/08/22 00:00

Career Journey Series: Emma Kempton

At Clausematch, we empower people to develop their careers within the organization. We recently reached out to some of our employees to share their career journey - from defining moments that helped shape their professional career to important risks they took to advance in their role. In our latest story, Emma Kempton, Global Head of Customer Success, shares her career journey at Clausematch.

What career transition have you made at Clausematch?

When I initially joined Clausematch, I was responsible for the account management of our first client. As the company grew, and we onboarded new clients in EMEA and APAC, so did my role and responsibilities. My current role is now Global Head of Customer Success on our Senior Leadership Team, where I am responsible for the customer experience at Clausematch and our fabulous team of Customer Success Managers. I have also picked up many additional responsibilities relating to the people in the business and the experience they have whilst working at Clausematch.

How did Clausematch empower you to achieve your goals?

After a career break with my young children, my focus when joining Clausematch was to find my way back to a management position and to have the opportunity to shape processes, best practices and culture within the organisation. Clausematch has provided boundless opportunities for me to be able to make my mark, and they have championed my ideas and projects. 

What motivates you in your current role?

I love watching colleagues grow and develop at Clausematch and am keen to help, guide and advocate for them in any way that I can. Work can be challenging but it is great to be part of a team of talented people, all working towards a common goal.

What projects are you most proud of?

I care a lot about the people that I work with and the experience that they have whilst working at Clausematch. I want people to look back on their time at Clausematch with really positive and fun memories. The project I am most proud of is an internal project around Gratitude that provides employees with a way of thanking their colleagues for the work they do. It allows an individual’s work and efforts to be seen by the whole business and for them to be rewarded for their hard work. It is my favourite part of the month.

What’s the most important risk you took and why?

The most important risk that I took was to join a startup organisation; my previous career experience had been with much larger corporate firms.

How do you keep you and your team motivated?

My motivation comes from the desire to make things better, whether that is for our customers or for our employees. I don’t think it is a job that is ever complete but it drives me to keep trying, whilst adding a bit of fun for people on the way.


Amanda Brief

Marketing Director Clausematch