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Carol Lemos

EMEA Marketing Director

Blog Post by Carol Lemos

Carol Lemos19/06/23 10:33

Are you managing compliance as a black box?

According to Wikipedia, “in science, computing, and engineering, a black box is a system ...
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Carol Lemos11/01/23 10:31

Bribery and corruption: is your organisation ready to prevent it?

While KYC and AML have been front of mind when it comes to compliance and the fight ...
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Carol Lemos11/10/22 00:00

Tips and Triumphs from our Four Compliance All-Stars

And just like that, summer is gone, and with it, Clausematch’s Summer Festival came to an ...
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Carol Lemos16/08/22 00:00

How RegTech, compliance and customer success can work together in a digital world

Recently, my Clausematch colleagues Emma Kempton, Global Head of Customer Success and ...
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Carol Lemos30/06/22 00:00

Boosting AML controls (and preventing fines) with a strong policy management programme

It is estimated that about £1.8tn is laundered globally each year, some 3% of total GDP. ...
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Carol Lemos15/06/22 00:00

Women in Compliance Part 3: Livia Benisty shares tips on how to successfully scale up a compliance team

I have recently posted about our conversations with two panelists from ourWomen in ...
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Carol Lemos31/05/22 00:00

Women in Compliance Part 2: How to tackle crypto regulations, with Shelley Schachter-Cahm

During our recent webinar, Women in Compliance: a fireside chat on compliance’s hottest ...
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Carol Lemos17/05/22 00:00

Women in Compliance Part 1:  How to maintain adequate supervision in a remote world, with Stephanie Feldt

On 30th of March, Clausematch had the pleasure of hosting a very special webinar. It was ...
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Carol Lemos05/04/22 00:00

What do a Tier 1 bank, a brand new FinTech and a pre-IPO FinTech have in common?

Every financial institution, regardless of their size, needs to comply with an extensive ...
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